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My VSCode Configuration for PowerShell

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of delivering a workshop at PowerShell Conference Asia in Bangalore.My workshop was called Zero to Hero where I taught the fundamentals of PowerShell with the goal of allowing the conference attendees to have the confidence to attend the rest of the high-level sessions.It was a success!With 60 PowerShell enthusiasts enrolled, the organizers had to close registration.
I made the decision to utilize VSCode as our scripting platform to get the attendees on the path from the ISE to VSCode.One of the first questions given to the PowerShell team members at the conference was “Will there be an ISE for PowerShell 7”.Their answer, “No”.I also made the decision to deliver the class using the just released PowerShell 7-Preview 4.This version addressed several issues that I had with Preview 1-3.It is not perfect, but it is now at the performance and reliability level that I want and I am teaching it in my Windows PowerShell classes.
One of the challenges for my fel…

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