Sticky Key problem between Windows Server 2012 and LogMeIn

This week I instructed my first class using Windows Server 2012 accessed via LogMeIn and discovered a Sticky Key problem every time you press the Shift key.
Here is my solution to resolve this.  First off, in the Preferences of LogMeIn for the connection to the Windows Server, click General.
Change the Keyboard and mouse priority to Host side user and click Apply at the bottom.
On the Windows 2012 server, open the Control Panel – Ease of Access – Change how your keyboard works.
Uncheck Turn on Sticky Keys.
Click Set up Sticky Keys.
Uncheck Turn on Sticky Keys when SHIFT is pressed five times.
Click OK twice.

If you are using Windows Server 2012 as a Hyper-V host, you will need to redo the Easy of Use settings on each guest operating system in order to avoid the Sticky Key Problem.

Updated Information: March 20, 2013

If you continue to have problems, Uncheck Turn on Filter Keys.


mantis2k said…
I have reproduced the same issue...hoping there will be a fix soon from logmein.
Anonymous said…
thank you, this was driving me mad setting up a Hyper_V host and guests over LogMeIn tonight (of course all my passwords also have lots of shifted characters...)
Ronny Vårdal said…
This is all done as you describe - I still get the sticky keys on the guest OS' password prompt when logging on.
Ronny Vårdal said…
This is all done, but I still get sticky keys warning on guest OS' when logging on to them via the Hyper-V manager when connected to the Hyper-V server by either logmein website or ignition.

I added one more step to the end of the post that may help.

Anonymous said…
I have just resorted to using the on screen keyboard for when I need to press shift more than once. Once the next OS based on Windows 8 that everyone loves they will fix it. :rolleyes:
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much. This was driving me crazy. To the other comments, make sure you do this on the host machine and all VM's.
Jay Dale said…
I have a Hyper-V host with 2 2012 Server VM's running on it. On all 3 the Host setting for Logmein is checked and on all three Sticky Keys are turned off and Turn on Filter Keys is unchecked, and yet it still keeps asking to turn on sticky keys after every keystroke that has a Shift in it for a capital letter.

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