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Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training
Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training

Sunday, March 1, 2009

College or Certification?

I ran across this interesting question on a Tech Forum at

I've read through several of the 'n00b' type threads in the forum and I am becoming a little overwhelmed. My original thought was to attend a IT tech school. I have read in various places that tech schools and degrees aren't always the best choice. Sinking a ton of money into a school [even one that promises job placement] is sounding like less of a good idea. It seems like the all important factor is experience and certifications. Do schools like ITT prepare you for these certifications? Is it better to pick and choose classes at a community college that will help with certs and forgo the degree? Are there classes out there that are specifically tailored for specific certs? This is coming from someone with no IT work experience and no certs or IT education. I'm just wondering what the most logical first step would be and if that step involves a pricey degree or not. I know basically nothing so thanks for any input, it is all appreciated.

I thought this was a good question to through my 2 cents into.


First off, I think you are making the right decision. Education is extremely valuable in getting your foot into the door. I do not have any experience with ITT, but I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer with a degree in Computer Science. I always tell people that a college degree is worth it. That piece of paper will open many doors for you. I also know that you do not need a college degree to do well in the IT world. Take Bill Gates as an example.

Should you choose college, you will most likely take years to get a return on your investment, but it will give you greater opportunities for a greater return. With certifications, you will be able to start getting a return earlier, but with fewer opportunities.

In whatever route you take, be prepared to work hard to make yourself very visible to others. That visibility and a solid record of performance will help in increasing your investment returns.

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