Friday, May 13, 2011

What does “Back up data for newly created users” do in Windows 7 backup?

In the Windows 7 Backup software, if you choosetdo pick what is backed up, the default has a setting called Back up data for newly created users



The question from class is does Windows Backup automatically pick up new user profiles?


I went ahead and created the backup job and set it to run, and again automatically in a few minutes as a daily scheduled task.  I then imported two user accounts from the domain, Alan, and Bart. I logged in as Alan, but did not log in as Bart prior to the backup procedure.


When I attempted a restore and browsed the files, Alan’s profile was backed up.  Bart, who did not log in, did not have any data to back up.  With the Back up data for newly created users, all new users who log into this client will get their data backup up.

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