Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training

Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training
Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training

Thursday, June 30, 2011

SCVMM Error (2912) when creating a VM from the Self-Service Portal workaround

While using the Self Service Portal on SCVMM, I received this error when creating a virtual machine.


Error (2941)
VMM is unable to complete the request. The connection to the agent on machine [SCVMMServer] has been lost.
(Unknown error (0x80072efe))

Recommended Action
Ensure that the WS-Management service and the agent are installed and running and that a firewall is not blocking HTTP traffic.


In the job details, the error occurred at step 1.5 Install VM Components.  This issue was reported to Microsoft on October 12, 2008.  The suggested fix on June 26, 2011 does work, but with an issue.  If you were using quotas to help manage the resources your users were consuming, the record of this quota usage will be lost.  The users quota will have those points returned to it as if they are not being used.


To prevent the loss of data associated with the host, here is an easy alternative.


  • Go to the Hyper-V manager on the host that the deployed VM resides on.
  • Make sure the correct VHD files are attached and that correct virtual network is attached.
  • Start the VM and finish any installation activities from the deployment.
  • Install the integration services if necessary.
  • Properly shut down the VM.
  • Start the VM back up.
  • In the VMM manager console, right click the VM and select Repair.
  • The only option you should get is Retry.  Should Ignore be an option, us it.
  • Let the process finish.  If it errors again, attempt the Repair.  You want it to present to you the option of Ignore. Once you can ignore the errors, your VM will be functional in the VMM console.


This procedure is a bit awkward, but it preserves not only the quota points, but all settings and database information associated with the host.

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