Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training

Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training
Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Using Events with SAPIEN PowerShell Studio

This is the last posting that I am doing on these series focusing on objects.  So far we have describe how properties describe an object.  We looked at how methods take actions against an object.  We also looked at how to subscribe to an objects events.  An event is triggered when something happens to an object.

Today we are going to create a very basic graphic interface using SAPIEN PowerShell Studio and demonstrate how to register and event and execute code when the event is triggered.

You can get a trial version from here ( .  Just click on the Try It link on the right.  This trial version is limit to just 5 graphical objects.  We will only be using one for simplicity.  Install and then launch the software.

Once you open SAPIEN PowerShell Studio, click File à New à New Form.

In the popup window, select Empty Form and then click Select.

From the Toolbox, drag and drop the Button object onto your form.

Now right click the button.  You can select the default event, which is a click, or Add Events to add any valid event for this object.  Select Edit Default Event (Click). This registers the event and takes us to the scripting window where we can add our code to execute when the click event is triggered.

Let’s just add the code to change the form’s background color to keep this simple.

Above is all the code that should be present.  Line 9 is the only code that we added.  There is a lot more code, but that you are not seeing.  PowerShell Studio write the code to build the form that you are using in the background so you did not have to do it yourself.  Go ahead and run your code.  You will be required to save it before running. Click the button and watch the button click event execute.

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