Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training

Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training
Advanced Windows PowerShell Scripting Video Training

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why have the Aero interface in Windows Server 2008?

That is a good question. Why would you need all that 3D eye candy and tie up funds in a video card that can run the aero experience? I have two reasons why.

The first reason is that some users may use Windows Server 2008 as there desktop. Yes, I have seen it. The second reason is that some users may connect via a terminal session. By enabling the “Desktop Experience” feature, as it is known in Server 2008, you are making the Aero experience available.

This also makes available the built in applications of Windows Vista. This includes such programs as Windows Calendar, Sync Center and Media Player.

To enable the Desktop Experience:
• Open the Server Manager.
• Click Features
• Right click Features and select Add Feature
• Check Desktop Experience.
• Click Next.
• Click Install.
• Allow the server to reboot.
• The shutdown may take a few minutes.
• The Resuming Configuration window may be active for a few minutes befor confirming the installation.
• Close Server Manager.
• Click Start
• Type Services.msc and press Enter.
• Right click the Themes service and select the Startup Type: to Automatic.
• Click OK.
• Right Click the Themes service and click Start.
• Right click the desktop and select Personalize.
• Click Theme.
• In the Theme drop down menu, select Vista Theme.
• Click OK.
• Wait for a few moments and the Vista look and feel will become your interface.

On a trouble shooting note, you may still not get all of the Aero experience. If this is the case, download the Vista drivers for your video card. Not all the necessary drivers may be shipped with Server 2008.

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